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Documentum on AIX

27 May 2013

We run Documentum on AIX. Under stress the application performed not well. Looking more deeply into the Java, we saw a lot of garbage collection and waits. The default garbage collection on AIX is OPTTHRUPUT. This is not the best for applications such as Documentum with only quick objects. The default is good for batch operations, so large objects and more time.

So we change to the more appropriate GENCON and it went smoother, less GC and less waits. But now we have to look at the application because some code is still not performing, but I leave that to the Java/Documentum guys.


Oracle 11g and Documentum (Part 4)

20 May 2013

Long time nothing mentioned, but we got further with Oracle. The first major task was the upgrade to Oracle 11.2. It isn’t the hardest task but must be done. It is nothing more than shutting down, installing new Oracle software and do the upgrade. That’s all. We went to


What brought this to us? Well, we had many more queries that went wrong in this version, but still some did. We observed that the Documentum standard queries did well, but some newly coded ones not. After looking at these, sometimes a rewrite was the best, sometimes a new index must be made. At the end we had only 2 left, we solved it by using baselines in Oracle.


One thing to mention, is that all above was done in an testing environment. When we go live, maybe some other queries goes mad, and we still need some tuning. But that’s for later.